Back Climbing…Finally!

It has been a long road, but for the first time in just over a year, over the last week I have been back climbing. My hands might say otherwise, but it is exciting to be back! The reason I’ve been absent for so long was thanks to an arm injury that had quite a long recovery. Still not 100% but I am getting there and the first trip back to the climbing walls was a big step.

Climbing for nearly a year and a half before my injury as it quickly became a hobby I thoroughly enjoyed. Everything from the physical workout to the mental problem solving of how to tackle a route made me enjoy it, and because I enjoyed it so much I made it a goal to get back doing so. Starting from scratch again however, I’m not looking forward to having to build up my hands again though, which do get scuffed up a (wee) bit when climbing.

I had a double concern about getting back into climbing for both the strength in my arm and simply the practical side. Could I remember everything again? Thankfully the second concern was folly, and once i got my climbing shoes squeezed back on and a rope in my hand, all the knots and belaying came flooding back like good old muscle memory thankfully – as thankful as my mate Greg as too, who I was going to be belaying for! As I’ve mentioned, I’m starting off slowly and will take some time to get back to the climbing I was trying before my injury, but it is a help having all the previous experience and knowledge from the past, while I feel like I am starting from scratch again on the beginner routes and holds.

Glasgow Climbing

Please don’t let this blog post put you off giving climbing a go. As I’ve said, it’s a great work out for the body and the mind. Plus Glasgow has got a brilliant selection of climbing facilities, which can more often than not be found offering discounts on introduction courses. Bellow are some links that you might find useful and maybe you can find a new hobby like I did. It began for me by trying an introduction to bouldering, then I fancied trying some of the higher top roped climbs, before finally progressing on to lead climbing, which opened up a whole new challenge to explore!

Edinburgh (Ingliston)
If you want to go even more extreme – something I’m not even convinced about yet – Dumbarton Rock at funnily enough Dumbarton Castle offers some outdoor boldering: Dumbarton Rock

I hope even though this is a story about me reaching a goal and getting back into climbing after being injured in the first place doing it, doesn’t put you off and instead may give some people the notion to try it out themselves!

Thanks for reading!

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