Posts that can be associated to my day-to-day work in graphic design or web development. It seems a little harsh labeling it as “Work” as I’ve always loved begin creative, no matter if it’s for print or digital designs.

Font Awesome is a little different…but still awesome!

Last week at work I jumped on to Font Awesome to grab their CDN CSS link for a site I was working on. Usually I just nip to the “Getting Started” page and ctrl C, ctrl V the link but this day I took a double take as the usual CSS link was replaced by an option to add your email to receive your CDN link. After a slight pause and following the instructions on the site to get to the updated 4.6.3 version of the icons I realised the new link code was JavaScript rather than CSS. This confused me a bit further but eventually I have came to understand the new layout with Font Awesome and thought I’d share it in-case it could help anyone else. Read More…

fatBuzz – New Job!

It’s all be a bit quiet on the blog front for a good month now, and that’s all down to a change in status from student to employee! Since finishing my MSc in Mobile Web Development at the start of December (2015), I was able to thoroughly enjoy Christmas and New Year. However, once January started it was time to get my head down and look for a new job to make use of my new skills. With the start of a new year there were a fair few companies looking for some new staff and it was time to get my CV and social media profiles all up-to-date and get my name out there. Read More…

New Year…New Blog!

Happy New Year!

Okay, we made it! Christmas and New Year have been and gone for another year. I love the festive time, from the run up starting earlier and earlier each year, right through to the painful visit to the Christmas tree graveyard also known as the Christmas tree recycling station set-up at a local park. The house is all clean and de-cluttered again and sadly, its time to try and get back to a normal routine. Well, this year I’m taking the same approach to this blog. Read More…

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