Creed Movie (Rocky VII)

I Recently went to see the new Creed film since it was released in the UK after being released elsewhere in the world before Christmas. In my mind we’re talking about Rocky VII but as it’s the idea is to try and re-vamp the franchise we’ll stick to Creed. Since I heard about this movie coming out I was excited, I’ve always been a Rocky fan and to get another piece of the story I was fully on board. Stick a few trailers into the mix and I was fan-level excited!Okay lets agree from the get go that Rocky (and by relation Creed) films are not everyone’s cup of tea, but when you take the over-the-top fighting finales out of each movie you have some very good character stories that change and develop over the course of all the films. Creed not only looks to modernise the franchise and progress from Stallone’s Rocky character but does so by bringing the story arc almost full circle, tipping a hat to the old characters.

I’m not going to go into a full on spoiler review of Creed or anything, for one – it’s a simple movie story with not much to give away. For summary and context though you get a role reversal with Stallone returning as Rocky becoming the trainer of Adonis Johnson the son of Apollo Creed, who was Rocky’s opponent in the first few movies before becoming a good friend. Rocky brings some of the old school training and knowledge he’s learned from Apollo and Micky (his original trainer – Burgess Meredith) to take the rough and ready young Creed who has bee running from his fathers name to a title fall that turns up. There is a bit more to the story than I’ve summarised, most of which is out of the ring and like the Rocky movies before, directed at the character journey, but you can get a better idea from the trailer below.

Creed Trailer

Like all Rocky movies Creed has its own time-lapse training montages that appear to transform people from basic to lean mean fighting-machines in the space of about two and a half minutes. These training montages are brilliant, they give you a feel-good “I could do that” motivation, granted the ones in Creed don’t have the same impact as the original eye-of the tiger montages, but I doubt you ever could match them in all there glorious 80’s action bravado!

There are times in the movie where they try a little too hard to make Creed trendy. Done too obviously and along with a beginning that jumps through too many convenient hoops to put the initial pieces of the story together, I was concerned that the hype of the trailer and the movie could fall flat. By the end of the movie though my fears had been removed and I thoroughly enjoyed a film that has brought the Rocky franchise forward. I could easily see this becoming a trilogy at the least with Stallone becoming less involved with his Rocky character.

If you are familiar with the Rocky franchise then one I would recommend.

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