fatBuzz – New Job!

It’s all be a bit quiet on the blog front for a good month now, and that’s all down to a change in status from student to employee! Since finishing my MSc in Mobile Web Development at the start of December (2015), I was able to thoroughly enjoy Christmas and New Year. However, once January started it was time to get my head down and look for a new job to make use of my new skills. With the start of a new year there were a fair few companies looking for some new staff and it was time to get my CV and social media profiles all up-to-date and get my name out there.

The Job Hunt

When you’ve got nothing to do but send out job applications, it can become very tedious indeed – there are only so many ways you can try and sell yourself – and if you are doing it for multiple applications, it’s not long before you are driving yourself mad! Even more annoying are the job applications that forward you on to an external site and have an application process longer than the MSc thesis I’d only just finished. January was starting to disappear and 2016 was starting off as gloomy as the winter weather in Scotland, but at the end of the month there was something positive coming out of an interview with Glasgow digital media agency fatBuzz.


An encouraging interview lead to a trail period within the Glasgow digital media agency, and after the usual first day nerves, I was able to quick settle into fatBuzz thanks to the friendly atmosphere and staff. Working as a web developer within the company, making use of my graphic design experience as well, I was put to work managing content for clients and developing some temporary holding pages for future projects. It’s always a nervous time getting to know how a studio works, what programmes are used and generally just how everything is done. My days were made easier by friendly colleges, always happy to answer any questions I had, letting me get my head down and on with some work!

With my trial period over, I must have done something right and was offered a full time position with the team. You can even go and see my wee face on the fatbuzz meet the team page! Getting involved with the clients and projects has been great, and I’m looking forward to the future at fatBuzz. Developing websites and managing content is going to be my main duties but with everything fatBuzz offers as a full digital agency I’m looking forward to working alongside a diverse team with a range of skills and experience, picking up as much of that knowledge as I can for myself!

Now that I’ve had a bit of time at fatBuzz I’ve managed to get myself into a bit of a routine, something you just don’t have when you’re finishing off your MSc, working yourself on a research project. That should let me hopefully come up with some more time to get more blog posts up onto the site, so check back again soon to see if there is anything else I’ve rambled on about that could be interesting!

Thanks for reading!

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